Sharing your mood with Moodistory

Mood, Moodistory

There are situations when you want others to know how you felt in the past or feel right now. Sometimes it’s simply good and important to share your mood.

The share button

Therefore we’ve introduced a new button to Moodistory: the share button. Whenever you are using this button, Moodistory creates a beautiful image and lets you use it with any other app, save it to your photos or save it to your files. You can also share it via Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or any other social media or messenger app of your choice.

Month in Pixels

Year in Pixels

The two images that you see here are examples of what a typical image will look like once you tap on the share button. As you can see, the images use the same look and feel like the app. If you look at the bottom of the image, you’ll see that there’s also some kind of legend that explains which colour is connected with a certain mood. That will make the colours easy to understand even if you are going to send the image to a person who doesn’t know Moodistory and your colour settings.

If you want, you can also print these images. But, if you want to print one or a series of entries with all the details, you can also create a PDF file. While you can create a PDF file for a selected time frame right from the settings, you can also create a PDF document for a single diary entry: Go to the details of an entry, scroll down, tap the share button and select “Share as PDF”. Moodistory will then create a PDF file for this entry.


Moodistory now has a feature to share diary entries, the mood calendar or mood statistics as an image. Additionally, single diary entries can also be exported into a PDF file.