PDF mood diary


Our mood tracking app Moodistory now comes with a great new feature: Create PDF. All your diary entries in Moodistory can now be exported and written into a simple and beautiful PDF document. Meaning you can now print, share or simply archive all of your diary entries super easy! You can call Moodistory now also your printable mood tracker! 🙂

PDF mood diary content

A created PDF document will include every single detail that you have saved within Moodistory for an entry:

  • weekday, date and time of your diary entry
  • mood
  • events & activities
  • location
  • notes & thoughts

How to create a PDF mood diary

Create PDF mood diary in Moodistory

Open Moodistory’s settings and select “Create PDF”.
Now, first select the time range that you would like to export into your PDF mood diary: today, yesterday, last 7 days, this month, this year or everything (all entries).
You can now start right away creating the PDF document, but you can also fine-tune the export mechanism: Check whether or not you want to see every little detail of your entries: Do you want to see the location, the events/activities and the notes/thoughts in your PDF? Just tap on the corresponding switches. Once you are ready, hit the “Create PDF Now”-button. Moodistory will now collect all data and start writing your PDF document. This process usually takes a few seconds but it depends on the number of total entries that are written to the PDF document. A PDF document for a few entries will take just a second while 300 entries can take up to 20 to 30 seconds.
As soon as the PDF document is ready, Moodistory will show you a bunch of options on what you can now do with it – e.g. save to files, send via mail.


Here are 3 examples of PDF documents created with Moodistory:

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