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Moodistory on Apple Watch
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Your low-effort mood tracker.

Moodistory is your mood tracker app to improve and foster your mental health, happiness, and well-being.

Moodistory App: Add Icon
Create entries fast & easy.

Create journal entries within seconds. Describe your day without writing a single word. Add your location, photos, notes & thoughts.

Analytics Icon
Analyse your mood.

Moodistory’s analysis engine supports you in finding positively & negatively influencing habits.

Create PDF icon
Create PDFs.

Export your entries into a beautiful PDF, optimized to print, share, and archive.

Apple Watch Icon
Apple Watch support.

Create journal entries and see your mood trend on your Apple Watch.

Mood Calendar Icon
Mood calendar.

Moodistory’s beautiful mood calendar (aka “Year in Pixels”) lets you easily identify mood patterns.

Moodistory App: Theme Icon
Color themes.

Choose from 8 carefully composed color themes or create your own individual color theme.

Customize mood scale.

Define your mood scale! Choose anything between a 2-point scale up to an 11-point scale.

Create journal entries in less than 5 seconds.

A mood tracker that is super quick & super easy:

Create journal entries without the need to write a single word: Swipe to set your mood and just tap on icons to describe what you’ve been up to. If you want, Moodistory will save your current location with your journal entry. You can also add thoughts & notes and even attach photos – just like you would do with a common diary.

< 5 seconds
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Year in Pixels.

Review the past with a beautifully crafted calendar. Get an overview by year, month and day. Easily identify mood swings and analyse why they have happened. 

Moodistory has an integrated drill down function that lets you easily go from the yearly to the monthly and further to the daily view and vice versa. The daily view lists every single journal entry of the selected day and lets you open any of these with just a tap.

The calendar view is the perfect place to do fact-checking – compare your feeling about the past with the facts in Moodistory. You can also find out easily what you have done on good and on bad days which is a great starting point to think about changing habits and how to improve your well-being.

Year in Pixels view in Moodistory

Discover behavioural patterns.

Finding out what influences your happiness becomes obvious with Moodistory’s powerful analysis engine.

Track your mood and with just one tap, you can answer questions like:

  • What did you do when you felt great or not so great?
  • Which activities support a positive or negative mood?
  • How does your mood change on an average day?
  • Which day of the week is usually your best day?
  • What have you been up to on Fridays (or any other weekday)?
  • and many more!

Select or create your favourite color theme.

The more you use Moodistory, the more colourful it will get.
It is YOU who makes this mood tracker beautiful!
Choose between 8 carefully selected color themes or create your own individual one. 

Moodistory Default Color Theme
Moodistory Red Green Color Theme
Create Theme in Moodistory
Moodistory Candy Color Theme
Moodistory Shades Color Theme


Do you want to have your mood diary also on paper? Do you want to keep a device-independent archive of your mood diary? Do you want to share your mood diary with someone? With Moodistory, you can do all of this!

Moodistory lets you create a PDF document that you can then save, print or send. Just select the time range and all of your entries within the selected time range will be written to a PDF document. You can even select which information you would like to have for every single entry in the document.

The layout and structure of the resulting PDF document are designed for best readability and understanding while providing a beautiful design that also fits the app’s look and feel.

Mood Diary PDF

Customize Mood Scale.

In Moodistory, not just the appearance is customizable, even the scale for rating your mood is customizable.
You can choose freely from a 2-point up to an 11-point scale.
Using an odd scale will let you record a neutral mood.

Moodistory Customize Scaling

More than 180 activities & events.
No need to write a single word.

Describe your day without writing a single word. Just choose from a list of more than 180 activities and events to describe your day. If you feel something is missing, simply edit existing events or create your own.

More powerful features.

Moodistory App: Customize Icon
Fully customizable events.

Create your own personal events and choose from more than 180 icons.

Moodistory App: Lock Icon
Keep your data safe with a lock.

Use your iPhone’s Face ID, Touch ID or Passcode to keep your data safe from others. So you don’t have to worry if you pass the phone to one of your friends.

Moodistory App: Reminder Icon
Never forget.

Set up (random) reminders that fit your daily routine so you never forget to create an entry when you wanted to.

Moodistory App: Privacy Icon
Privacy first.

Moodistory stores all of your data only on your iPhone. No one but you has access to your data.

Moodistory App: Drill Down Icon
Drill down capability.

Dig deep into the details from anywhere. You can always go from a top level view right to the more detailed view that shows all underlying entries.

Moodistory App: Diary Icon
Diary with a lock.

Besides tracking your mood and habits, Moodistory can also be used as a simple diary with a lock.

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