Moodistory is live!


Today, on this 1st of August 2018, it is finally happening: “Moodistory – Your Mood Tracker” is released for iPhone! ?

Looking back, it’s been more than 2 years when the process of creating a mood diary app started. Originally, the idea was to create an app that lets its users look into the past and see how it was really going. But thinking further we soon discovered the huge potential of such an app and collected all sorts of ideas around it. Some of those ideas are now part of this first release, but we have quite some additional plans with Moodistory! 🙂

That’s why today’s release is in fact just the starting point of our mood diary app. And first of all, Moodistory is made for you and we are committed to delivering the best mood diary app there is. Send us your feedback, send us what you like & dislike and what you are missing. We are happy to hear any feedback from you!

Download Moodistory on the App Store

To celebrate today’s release, here’s a short video:

Thanks to everyone who supported and support Moodistory – and thanks to you for your interest in our app!

Your Moodistory Team! ??